Introduction to Racing Team

Kevin Draper Linda Draper
American Eagle

We plan to run 1300cc motor at 125 mph, 150 mph, and 175 mph. Then we will try going 200 mph. Please follow along what is happening as we update our website.

Benny Bridger of Benny's Hog Shed

Benny is our Crew Chief and he runs the show.

Also part of the crew are Muffy and Nessie.

Muffy Nessy

Kevin and Linda are co-owners of American Eagle race car.

Linda Draper

Linda behind the wheel, watch out everyone.

Don Vesco

Mr. Don Vesco gave me the use of the car and he put four wheels on it to get us started. We made a deal that I was to use the car as long as I want to and then return it to his son, Rich Vesco.

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