Project 250

The Bonneville car [see pictures at right], was Don Vesco's motorcycle and make a record at 318 mph. What Don did was to make a four wheel vehicle out of a two wheel vehicle. Our Project 250 is to go 250+ mph with this vehicle as a four wheel car. The record we are going for is 167 mph, H class, blown fuel. We are using a Lakester H Class, which is Blown Fuel or BFLH. What powers the car is a Suzuki motorcycle motor and a 1300cc motor that has been turbocharged.

If you turbocharge a motor,

The fuel mixture that will be used is 75% alcohol and 25% nitro ... this makes about 150 hp per 10 lbs. of air. The turbo used is a T66 and makes about 68 lbs. of air per minute. We are planning to make somewhere in the ballpark of 500 hp and as we pick it up, we will move up to about 650 hp.

The way we will attempt to do this is to use 10,500 rpms in each gear, getting set up so at 11,000 rpms in 6th gear and speed will be approx. 312 mph. As the week goes on and if time and conditions permit, gasoline will be used [the gas record class is 198 mph], and we are hoping to break BOTH records, and get in the 200 mph club, in each class -- blown fuel and blown gas.

This page will be updated as things progress. We will be at Bonneville Speedweek August 11-17 and World Finals in October 3-6 in Bonneville Salt Flats, Wendover UT. We are also making plans to attend The Texas Mile in October 6-7 at Goliad Industrial Air Park, Texas. Car number is 367.

Pictures taken at the Bonneville Speedway during the week of August 11-17, 2007

American Eagle

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