Benny's Hog Shed

Benny has been in business for 18 years in the same location. He is a dealer in many after market motorcycle parts as well as:

  1. working on iron heads
  2. doing insurance work
  3. having an extended warranty
  4. doing engine rebuilds
  5. and oil changes

Benny is also one of the best fabrications I have known and I am really fortunate to get Benny and the Hog Shed staff to work on Project "250". Benny is the crew chief and manufacture of ___ parts. Benny has been working on car and bikes for 30 years. He is the best for any job. If you need work done right give him a call at (254)752-3440 or email him. Visit his website.

P.S. If you choose Benny's, you got the best!
Kevin B. Draper,
owner of the car!!! [the team will go 250]

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